Date: 11/1/19 10:44 am
From: Gerry Cooperman <trogon6...>
I as most of the birding world here in Massachusetts are deeply saddened by Bill's passing. I have birded many places with many leaders but Bill was my favorite because there was something special about a Drummond trip. There were many givens; see a lot of birds, raid convenience stores for food, make great friends, see the world but most of all there were the calls to action.
"Here we go", "If you do nothing on this trip you must get on this bird", "This is big", and "We need to get this bird." A few of the many we remember as every trip always had something new. What I was always admired about Bill was his humility. He very seldom if ever used the word I and he certainly earned the right. I was with him in Alaska when he recorded his 700th NA bird. He came back to the van and quietly said "that was 700."
Bill introduced me to my greatest birding spectacle; the cliffs on St. Paul in the Aleutians.  My most harrowing experience of driving in a blinding snowstorm coming down thru a mountain pass. I will always remember what Bill did for me in coming down Pinnacle Pass after finding the Colima warbler. I was physically exhausted and as everyone moved on Bill kept telling me everything was okay and just take my time. He stayed with me until we finally made it off. 
There will be many words said about this man but what's important to me is that he was my friend and we enjoyed each other whenever we were together. Bill also knew about trains and when he spied the Union Pacific making its way across the vast Colorado landscape we all got a train 101 course that I still remember to this day.
Barbara there are many stories that all of us have and I know that you will find strength in hearing them as well. Bill will always be in my thoughts and will be rekindled whenever I see a bird. Barbara you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Gerry CoopermanMarstons Mills

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