Date: 11/1/19 8:55 am
From: Joshua Holland <jhollandua...>
Subject: Re: Ross's Goose
Ross's Goose continues through to today. It was just seen from Ohio side of
the locks but still in WV waters.


On Fri, Nov 1, 2019, 11:43 AM Rankin, Gary <rankin...> wrote:

> I'm running behind on getting this posted due to work deadlines, but last
> Sunday Mike Griffith, Janet Keating, David Patick and I did some birding
> along Rte. 2 from Greenbottom WMA to Gallipolis Ferry. The highlight of the
> day was a Ross's Goose among a large flock of Canada Geese at the Robert C.
> Byrd Locks and Dam. David was able to get some good pictures of the Ross's
> Goose. In checking the records, he found that this sighting is the earlies
> fall record of a Ross's Goose for this area of the state.
> Another interesting sighting was of a Greater Yellowlegs. We spotted the
> yellowlegs along the edge of one of the ponds at the RCBL&D. As we
> approached, it flew a few feet and then squatted down at the edge of the
> water. It was clearly trying to "get small". It got completely down and
> even lowered its head and bill to the edge of the water. While trying to
> understand this odd behavior, we suddenly saw the reason - a Peregrine
> Falcon came out of nowhere and made a dive at the yellowlegs trying to get
> it to fly up. The yellowlegs stayed down and didn't try to fly off, where
> it would have been easy prey for the falcon. Smart bird! Eventually, the
> Peregrine left the area and the yellowlegs went back to feeding.
> We also spotted two Lincoln's Sparrows and several Tree Swallows at Ashton
> wetlands.
> Gary Rankin
> Lavalette, WV
> Wayne Co
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