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Well, you were smarter than me. After the first one was reported in Wallowa County, I drove over there and nearly got lost in the woods after hiking a couple of miles down into a deep canyon, where it was seen. And I didn't find the owl, either.


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Being an old-timer I do remember this sequence of events. I recall walking over to the Multnomah County Library in downtown Portland to see a barred owl perched High overhead. This had been reported on the old phone tree of long ago, before the internet.

But I do have a question, do Barred owls eat red tree voles?

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Many of you will not remember this. In the 1980s and earlier, when Eric Forsman and Wayne Logan and others were looking at the Spotted Owl and beginning to prove that STOC (Strix occidentalis, the Spotted Owl) requires decadent Old Growth trees for nest structures and Old Growth stands for their multi canopy vertical structure to feed on red tree voles and flying squirrels.
In those days it was that the very first Barred Owls were being observed in the Northwest, and some said it was that they had recently found their way around the Northern Rockies and were spreading south into Spotted Owl areas. Being more aggressive, the cousin Strix Barred Owl might be the end of the Spotted Owl no matter what else we might do to try and save it...hence the shooting of Barred Owls these days in some rather experimental way, a last ditch effort to save some Spotted Owls

Regarding all of the dead Barred Owls people find on the beach these days. Holy Crap. There must be a whole lot of Barred Owls out there. This population increase has happened since there were almost no BAOW in Oregon in 1990, to now. Barred Owls have hugely increased while Northern Spotted Owls have all but disappeared, in some part because of the BAOW. I never wanted them here, but the world keeps on changing and this change has been much too fast

Nothing I can do about it, and so can you

Have your ever seen a red tree vole nest? No, but you have heard of them. Like a blossom on a stem, 150 feet or more up around an OG tree, I have seen a few.

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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