Date: 10/31/19 9:36 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] FW: booby east of Biggs
This message was passed along to me from a traveling birder:


I saw an unusual bird yesterday morning I'm guessing around mid morning somewhere between Biggs Junction and Arlington.

I am a truck driver and as I was driving east on I-84, I saw a bird flying east a little higher up along the south side of the Columbia River/freeway. I got a really good look as I drove by. It was a pelagic bird that was uniformly dark brown all over, had a five foot wingspan, a fairly long tail, a heavy stout bill that came down to a point. The wings at the elbow came back at a fairly Sharp angle from the rest of the wing and had pointed wing tips. The body looked like a long torpedo shape….”

Asked the reporter if I can pass on more info, but I thought I’d get this much out there in case any OBOL birder was in the area. Keep an eye out along that reach of the Columbia or the refuges near Pendleton and Hermiston.

Paul Sullivan

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