Date: 10/31/19 2:55 pm
From: William Saidel <saidel...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Flocks of starlings
Hi all,

I just traveled down rt 206 from Bordentown to Hammonton looking for flocks of starlings on the ground. I am trying to take videos of them (at 60 frames/sec or fps) as they arise into the air. Lo and behold I saw none. Last week I saw none. In past years, at least 2 of the farms along that way were guaranteed to have hundreds but not this year.

Where have they gone?

If you have the opportunity to video a flock rising at any fps from a cell phone or a camera, I would really appreciate copies of such videos. If you know of some place where the chances are good that I would find what I'm looking for, please let me know where. (I and my colleague are doing a study of their rise. We've already modeled it in Matlab and now we are adjusting our model to represent the real thing. )

Thanks in advance for any clue,


Assoc Prof Wm Saidel
Dept of Biology
Rutgers-Camden campus

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