Date: 10/31/19 12:15 pm
From: Robert Protz <0000005c73c8f66d-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Halloween Rubythroat in Latrobe - Westmoreland Co
Dear PABirders,
In addition to all the other late hummers being posted from WI, IL, MI, & IN, on Facebook . . . 
Yesterday and today there are photos of an obvious Rubythroat in Latrobe, Westmoreland CO. on Hummingbirds Anonymous group.
Point being . . . . . leave 1 feeder up for late hummers!
And for those who haven't heard, there's an adult male Rufous in Millersburg OH, and a recently banded adult female Rufous in the Berkshires in NW Massachusetts  (which I identified as a Selasphorus from the photos). And an additional photo showed a different Selasphorus at the same location in Mass. in early August! Yes, you read that correctly, a Selasphorus in western Massachusetts in August. Not to mention an adult male Blackchin in Chapel Hill NC right now.
Need any more motivation?
Rob Protz
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