Date: 10/31/19 9:05 am
From: Craig Tumer <craig...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Next Oregon Bird - fun survey
Where on the 2017 list of predictions were the six species added to the
Oregon list since 2016? I'm guessing Eastern Bluebird wasn't among
the list of predicted additions to the Oregon list. Craig TumerPortland

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Subject: [obol] Next Oregon Bird - fun survey
From: Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>
Date: Wed, October 30, 2019 5:57 pm
To: OBOL <obol...>

It’s time for the Occasional Survey of Oregon Birders (O-SOB,
for the rarities we miss). We last predicted the next bird for
the Oregon list in 2017. Since 2016 Oregon has added:2017:
Eurasian Skylark2018: Zone-tailed Hawk, Nazca Booby, Eastern
Bluebird2019: Red-footed Booby, Dusky Thrush (so far)Here’s how
you vote. Give a “5” to the MOST likely bird to next be found
in Oregon from the list below (You can add a species if you want
to). Give a “4” to the next most likely, down to “1”.
You get only those five weighted votes. No funky numbers or
duplicate numbers.Send me your votes by November 15 and I’ll
tally and post the results. Feel free to include your reasons and
I’ll post a selection.Let me know if I have included something
on this list for which the OBRC has either (a) accepted a record
or (b) has a record in circulation. As far as I know it’s clean
for accepted records, but I could have missed something.
Aleutian TernAm Purple GallinuleAm. OystercatcherArctic WarblerBaird's
SparrowBB CuckooBendire's ThrasherBlack VultureBlack-tailed GullBluethroatBoreal
ChickadeeBrown ShrikeBrown-crested FlyBulwer's PetrelCave SwallowCerulean
WarblerCommon GreenshankCommon PochardCommon Rosefinch.Connecticut
WarblerCraveri's MurreletCrested AukletDusky WarblerE Spot-billed
DuckEurasian KestrelFar Eastern CurlewField SparrowFieldfareGrace's
WarblerGray WagtailGray-tailed TattlerGreat BB GullGreat-winged
PetrelGreater PeweeGull-billed TernHepatic TanagerInca DoveIvory
GullKittlitz's MurreletLeast AukletLeast Storm-PetrelLesser
FrigatebirdLittle CurlewMexican VioletearMississippi KiteNelson's
SparrowNeotropic CormorantNorthern HobbyOriental GreenfinchParkinson's
PetrelRed-faced WarblerRed-tailed TropicbirdReddish EgretRedwingRivoli's
HummerRoyal TernRufous-crowned SpSandwich TernSiberian AccentorSulphur-b
FlycatcherTemminck's StintTerek SandpiperThick-billed KingbirdWaved
AlbatrossWhite-chinned PetrelWhite-winged TernWinter WrenWood
StorkXantus's HummingbirdYellow-bellied FlyYellow-billed MagpieYellow-green

Alan <Contrerasacontrer56...>, Oregon
Attending Christmas Bird Counts with good weather forecasts.

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