Date: 10/30/19 6:38 pm
From: Wade Snyder <dry_fly_fisherman1...>
Subject: Jefferson Co. Merlin
After lunch I was returning to work when a Merlin that was perched on a snag darted off. It didn't go too far and perched on top of a post in one of the apple blocks. I was able to get a few distant photos before the Merlin took off.

If interested the photos are attached with the checklist.

N. Wade Snyder
Shenandoah Junction
Jefferson County

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2217 Wiltshire Road, Kearneysville, West Virginia, US (39.352, -77.883), Jefferson, West Virginia, US
Oct 30, 2019 1:00 PM
Protocol: Incidental
Checklist Comments: Overcast day, warm and in the lower 60s. Rain started later in the afternoon.
1 species

Merlin 1 As I was driving a Merlin flushed from a roost before perching on top of a post located in the middle of grove of apple trees. I was able to get some distant photos.

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