Date: 10/30/19 9:25 am
From: larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Hybrids, Hummingbird or otherwise
Every year the most ardent listers are reminded that although a major portion of the Migratory Allen's Hummingbird's breeding range is in Oregon, all of said range is part of a hybrid zone. I suspect that a similar situation exists with Costa's/Anna's, but over a broader geography. And likely most mixing of DNA involves a hybrid parent and a non hybrid parent rather than a straightforward F1 Anna's X F1Costa's. The resulting offspring would be especially ambiguous. The pink-footed gulls nesting on the central coast of the eastern Pacific show such a cavalier attitude to the BDS/BCS( Biological Definition/Concept of Species) that one professor of natural sciences l know talks about"Christmas Count Westerns": an individual detected on count day is close enough to the center of the Olympic index that most of us would be reluctant to tick it on a life list, but eager to count it on some inland CBC that rarely records the species. LpnSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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