Date: 10/30/19 8:10 am
From: Teresa Hertzel <teresa.hertzel...>
Subject: [obol] Fwd: [eBird Alert] Oregon Rare Bird Alert
*** Species Summary:

Mandarin Duck (1 Josephine)
Surf Scoter (1 Sherman)
Red-breasted Merganser (1 Sherman)
Costa's Hummingbird (2 Josephine)
Glaucous-winged Gull (1 Deschutes)
Merlin (Black) (1 Jackson)
California Scrub-Jay (1 Baker)
Chestnut-backed Chickadee (1 Klamath)
Bushtit (Pacific) (1 Josephine)
Lesser Goldfinch (1 Lincoln)
Lapland Longspur (1 Lane)
Snow Bunting (1 Benton, 1 Deschutes)
Dark-eyed Junco (cismontanus) (1 Linn)
Swamp Sparrow (1 Coos)

NOTE: all sightings are UNCONFIRMED unless indicated

Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata) (1)
- Reported Oct 28, 2019 15:52 by Janet Kelly
- Riverside Park, Josephine, Oregon
- Map:,-123.328305&ll=42.428475,-123.328305
- Checklist:
- Media: 1 Photo
- Comments: "Continuing.... what a delight to be able to see this beauty
and so cooperative, came close to shore."

Surf Scoter (Melanitta perspicillata) (1)
- Reported Oct 27, 2019 15:24 by Tim Shelmerdine
- Biggs Grain Elevators, Sherman, Oregon
- Map:,-120.8430004&ll=45.6693047,-120.8430004
- Checklist:
- Media: 1 Photo
- Comments: "Female. Photo"

Red-breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator) (1)
- Reported Oct 27, 2019 16:28 by Tim Shelmerdine
- John Day Dam--Spillway Area, Sherman, Oregon
- Map:,-120.6945992&ll=45.7101351,-120.6945992
- Checklist:
- Media: 4 Photos
- Comments: "Female, photo."

Costa's Hummingbird (Calypte costae) (1)
- Reported Oct 28, 2019 07:59 by Tanner Martin
- Costas Hummingbird — Private Residence, Josephine, Oregon
- Map:,-123.351611&ll=42.406918,-123.351611
- Checklist:
- Media: 7 Photos, 1 Audio
- Comments: "Continuing rarity. Small, plump, short-tailed hummer with
blue-purple throat and crown, long gorget, and prominent white patch behind
eye. Wingtips extended barely beyond the tail, and overall posture was
somewhat "hunched" and squatty. Bill is extremely slender and subtly
decurved. Smaller than ANHU, with which it interacted several times. Song
was high-pitched "tink" call. I understand there is some discussion whether
this may be a COHUxANHU hybrid due to some observed vocalizations, so I
await a final verdict from the experts as everything I was able to observe
appeared to be textbook COHU. Special thanks to the Santrys for sharing
this beautiful bird."

Costa's Hummingbird (Calypte costae) (1)
- Reported Oct 26, 2019 12:10 by Dennis Vroman
- Trinity Way (Private Residence), Josephine, Oregon
- Map:,-123.3515501&ll=42.4071196,-123.3515501
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Below is my first evaluation of the bird considered a ANHU x
COHU hybrid. This is based on the documentation of the bird appearing to
be a Costa's plumage-wise, but singing an Anna's song. However, it was
mentioned that immature male Costa's can sing a song similar to Anna's.
Still feel the bird is a Costa's. Also, there were several photos of the
birds that Nolan Clements posted on his eBird report that, to me, show
pretty much a Costa's. These comments added on 28 Oct 2019.

Male, 1st reported 24 Oct 2019 at this location. Photos submitted with
eBird report on this date. Photos showed some buff coloration to sides,
however, this was found to be an artifact of lighting at the time photos
were taken. Bird seen several times visiting a feeder. Description of
bird observed. Small hummingbird, smaller than Anna's; solid emerald green
above, upper breast white, white "eyebrow", some white at rear of cheek.
Sides were light grayish-green, darker near upper portion. Gray-green
mottling at tips of undertail coverts. Gorget reflected rich purple and
blue; gorget had long, narrow extensions to shoulder of wing. Wing tips
and tail about the same length when bird perched. Some tail pumping noted."

Glaucous-winged Gull (Larus glaucescens) (1)
- Reported Oct 28, 2019 15:00 by Tom Crabtree
- Wickiup Reservoir--Kiosk Ponds, Deschutes, Oregon
- Map:,-121.7088343&ll=43.700289,-121.7088343
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Large pink legged gull with gray wing tips."

Merlin (Black) (Falco columbarius suckleyi) (1)
- Reported Oct 28, 2019 14:28 by Alex Lamoreaux
- Bear Creek Greenway--WTP, Dogpark, BMX Park, Jackson, Oregon
- Map:,-122.713822&ll=42.213338,-122.713822
- Checklist:
- Media: 1 Photo
- Comments: "Female/juvenile Black Merlin by dark hood (weakly defined
sideburns etc), blackish mantle and tail with poorly defined pale barring,
and black streaking over buffy belly. Perched and preening then flew to S."

California Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma californica) (1)
- Reported Oct 27, 2019 09:15 by Dawn Bishop
- residence, Baker, Oregon
- Map:,-117.8343129&ll=44.7812162,-117.8343129
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Seen and heard interacting with a Steller's Jay, it had no
crest, blue necklace, white eyebrow line"

Chestnut-backed Chickadee (Poecile rufescens) (9)
- Reported Oct 28, 2019 13:13 by Don Albright
- Odell Lake--Shelter Cove, Klamath, Oregon
- Map:,-122.0385361&ll=43.579023,-122.0385361
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Clearly saw chestnut color on back and heard wheezy call.
This is the expected chickadee species here."

Bushtit (Pacific) (Psaltriparus minimus [minimus Group]) (5)
- Reported Oct 27, 2019 13:50 by Caleb Centanni
- Whitehorse County Park, Josephine, Oregon
- Map:,-123.4596434&ll=42.4371911,-123.4596434
- Checklist:
- Comments: "in flock of Bushtits, ~ 5 seen well enough had extensive brown

Lesser Goldfinch (Spinus psaltria) (1)
- Reported Oct 27, 2019 11:34 by Will Wright
- Yaquina Bay--Sally's Bend-LNG Facility, Lincoln, Oregon
- Map:,-124.0254092&ll=44.6262136,-124.0254092
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Photos. First heard calling giving the downward high pitched

Lapland Longspur (Calcarius lapponicus) (2) CONFIRMED
- Reported Oct 28, 2019 12:05 by Neil Bjorklund
- Siuslaw River--North Jetty, Lane, Oregon
- Map:,-124.136678&ll=44.0182419,-124.136678
- Checklist:
- Comments: "2 flying together landed near by, both giving classic rattle
call in flight. One gorgeous male seen very clearly from 15 feet. Bold
auricular pattern, greater coverts with strong rufous. Flew across to south
jetty, 12:30 pm."

Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) (7) CONFIRMED
- Reported Oct 28, 2019 14:25 by Paul Sullivan
- Mary's Peak, Oregon, USA, Benton, Oregon
- Map:,-123.5525309&ll=44.5045616,-123.5525309
- Checklist:
- Media: 2 Photos
- Comments: "White birds with black wings and tan markings on head.
Continuing birds"

Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) (2)
- Reported Oct 26, 2019 by Central Oregon Historical Records
- Wickiup Reservoir--Kiosk Ponds, Deschutes, Oregon
- Map:,-121.7088343&ll=43.700289,-121.7088343
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Observer - Peter Low"

Dark-eyed Junco (cismontanus) (Junco hyemalis cismontanus) (1)
- Reported Oct 28, 2019 09:01 by Maureen Leong-Kee
- Our Yard, Linn, Oregon
- Map:,-123.120922&ll=44.597815,-123.120922
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Photo to come. Gray back and dark head with a little brown on
back. Gray flanks."

Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza georgiana) (1)
- Reported Oct 26, 2019 18:14 by Caleb Centanni
- Johnson Pond, Coos, Oregon
- Map:,-124.1843891&ll=43.1323095,-124.1843891
- Checklist:
- Media: 1 Audio
- Comments: "(Rare): “infrequent”: lovely find by Caleb! made recording of
sweet vocal calls (in among many calling SOSP responding to pishing on
tape): small sparrow smaller than SOSP, “with bolder supercilium and malar
making for whiter face, unstreaked below with rufous on sides,” rufous on
cap too: 2nd large reedy grassy patch along the edge of the marsh , south
from the outhouse ; bird found because Caleb heard call notes and ID’d call
note! wow! and then we pished bush pile and it came into view to confirm
vocal ID , Caleb saw well, (though Courtney only got to see it through many
grass blades! bird sitting low instead of perching up as visible as SOSP
did )"


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