Date: 10/30/19 6:57 am
From: Richard Candler <candler86...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Coweta BARN OWL update
Since it’s raining now, and my plans to go see the CLAY-COLORED SPARROW (county first when confirmed) that Jim White found yesterday are postponed until later, I decided to check the trail camera in the barn. Since the last report there have been two in-person observations: once by me early on the morning of October 23, and once by my cousin on October 28 who goes on her early morning runs past the barn.
The trail camera has captured the the owl a few times since the first report as recently as yesterday.
There seems to be some nights when it doesn’t use the barn and some when it stays there all night. Judging by the poops and pellets there are some perches that it uses that are in the blind spots of the camera so it could be avoiding detection sometimes.

My theory is that it’s either a bird looking for new territory and/or just moving through, or it’s a resident of my neighbor’s farm with all the old barns and silos’s about half a mile south of here. I’ve cleaned out the barn owl box in case it decides to stay.

Just a cool bird to be able to host even if it ends up being for just a short time.

Richard Candler
Coweta Co
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