Date: 10/29/19 9:54 am
From: Joe Roller <jroller9...>
Subject: [cobirds] Hi from Joe Roller
I do hope that my mini-rant about the reviewer did not put you off from
further communication (for all I know you are that reviewer!). I apologize
if it offended you or anyone else. I was just frustrated with lack of
communication and hoping to make more connection, not angry and wanting to
blast anyone. Perhaps this was not a good way to do it, and I acknowledge
that. I realize that there is a surplus of negativity in internet
communications of all kinds and I did not intend to contribute to that. So,
again sorry if it did not sit well.

*Sorry for the delayed response. NOT a rant at all. I was NOT pouting about
your note. Reasonable questions. *
*As per my note of a few minutes ago, I will look into this.*

Anyway, would be interested in more connection with Colorado birders now
that I am an official resident, having just found a place to rent in
Crestone. Let me know if you have suggestions for most efficient ways to do
that (memberships, facebook pages, listservs, for example).

*Suggest you introduce your self to John Rawinski, who is THE guy in the
SLV. Wife Lisa is a good birder too.*
*I will copy you on a note to him.*

*<mvjohnski...> <mvjohnski...>*

*Suggest you sign up for COBirds list serve.*
*<cobirds...> The site allows you to sign up, but is not too
user friendly in my experience. * <cobirds...>*CFO has a
facebook page* <cobirds...>*Good place to send notes about
birds where you live * <cobirds...>
*Consider membership in COlo Field Ornithologists. website is*
*And try to make it to annual convention next spring. Meet a lot of active
statewide CO birders there.*


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