Date: 10/29/19 5:51 am
From: CRAIG GIBSON <cbgibson...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] MUSE: New Crow article

For those with an interest, thought you might enjoy a look at this newly published cover article in Muse Magazine about the winter crow roost in Lawrence, MA.


Muse has just published a fascinating article about the winter crow roost in Lawrence, MA. Muse Magazine is a well-known magazine for students about science, culture, and nature. It’s aimed at younger people, mostly middle school students, who love to learn about new things. Muse is an award-winning magazine that delights these students with stimulating images, articles on space, information on nature, and much more. The Smithsonian sponsors it, so you can be sure any reader will be getting solid information!

On Winter Nights, Crows Pour into Cities by the Thousands. Nobody Knows Why.

Author: Joseph Keierleber, is a biologist who lives in Maine. He once drove all over his town and trudged through knee-deep snow while chasing a crow roost with a microphone. The recording sounded a lot like laughter.

The article looks at the overall phenomenon of an overnight winter crow roost, the mystery behind a roost: warmth, safety, information centers? It also explores the citizen science benefits with increased observations and data collection as well as expanded community awareness and involvement.


Craig Gibson
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