Date: 10/29/19 4:07 am
From: Fred Atwood <FAtwood...>
Subject: Grant Co this past weekend
Dear WV Birders
Sorry for the delayed post. I am short on time so I will only give a brief
overview of the highlights.
Saturday I visited Thorn Run Rd, Belle Babb Rd, Grassy Ridge Rd, and Stony
River Dam Rd on my way to my cabin in Cabins. Sunday I visited Johnson Run
Rd (Petersburg) and South Mill Creek Lake. I had to cut my day short in
order to get home to finish my homework-grading since first quarter grades
were due the next day.

Best Bird was a late Wilson's Warbler at Johnson Run Rd

Here are some highlights of the 58 species found.
Thorn Run Rd:
42 Killdeer and 2 Savannah Sparrows

Belle Babb:
1 American Wigeon, 51 Black Ducks, 20 Mallards, 2 ring-necked ducks, 2
pied-billed grebes,

Grassy Ridge Rd (Mt Storm Lake)
1 Common Loon, 1 Killdeer

Stony River Dam Rd Lake
7 Ring-necked Ducks, 2 Killdeer

Johnson Run Rd, Petersburg
10 immature Bald Eagles
1 Cooper's Hawk
7 white-crowned sparrow
3 meadowlark
265 red-winged blackbirds
6 rusty blackbirds

S Mill Creek Lake
5 Pied-billed Grebes
1 Mute Swan
1 Killdeer

BTW the Pendleton Co CBC is scheduled for Thursday Dec 19
Let me know if interested in helping out.

ALl the best
Fred Atwood
Cabins, Grant Co, WV
Oakton, Fairfax Co, VA
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