Date: 10/29/19 3:52 am
From: Keegan Corcoran <keegancorcoran1979...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Late Report:: Pomarine Jaeger :: Lake Lanier/Hall Co

Between eBird, Facebook and this, I can’t keep up with the appropriate
order. Anyway...

With the heavy storm front moving through on Saturday night, I decided to
do a pre-dawn float around the mid-lake section of Lake Lanier (from Port
Royale to the bottom of Three Sisters Islands). This trip turned up my FOTS
Herring Gull (1CY) and the first group of Common Loons (5) off of Vanns
Tavern. At 8:15am I was inside the mouth of Flowery Branch, and as I was
cruising back toward the main lake, I saw two RBGU diving on baitfish. As
I changed course, a jaeger came out of the sky and slammed through the
gulls but didn’t chase them. The bird veered towards me (hence all the head
on shots) and flew in a powerful straight line towards the back of Flowery
Branch, gaining altitude steadily. We attempted to follow and managed to
get underneath for a brief moment for some overhead shots, but the jaeger
continued to gain height and the tree line... next stop Gulf of Mexico?

ID’d as POJA adult moulting into basic. Missing/broken central tail
feathers. All dark wing linings with conspicuous “flash” at the base of
primaries. Very dark vent. Similar size of the RBGUs, with wide wings and
direct powerful flight. I’m happy for feedback if anyone thinks I’ve
missed this ID.

Anyway, any jaeger is great and interior jaegers are thrilling.

I have some photos on the GOS FB page, and I’ve updated my eBird list.

Keegan Corcoran
f/v Persistence

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