Date: 10/28/19 9:35 pm
From: <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Oregon Rare Bird Alert format change is GREAT!
The address of the link doesn't change so not sure whatthe point would
be in sending it out every day. I have itbookmarked so I can check it
The main advantage of the daily digest format is in the easily scanned
summary at the top which compressesmultiple reports of a species,
which can sometimesbe numerous, into one line. The link page
necessitatesscrolling through each individual report to make sureyou
see all the species. I can definitely see the appealof the summary for
most people.
The link page does have the convenience of a "details"button for each
report (and a "show all details" buttonat the top) which allows
viewing any photos attached toa report without having to view the full
checklist. Reports are also added to the list within minutes ofbeing
submitted so it is always up to date.

-----------------------------------------From: "Mary Reese"
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Subject: [obol] Oregon Rare Bird Alert format change is GREAT!

Hi Treesa,
Abbreviating the Rare Bird Alert to one simple link is a wonderful
solution to the prohibitive length of the digest. Clicking on the link
that you provided lists all the birds for the week in taxonomic order,
which is OK. However, clicking on the link that Phil provided was more
helpful, because you can see immediately the latest posts in order by
Thanks! Mary Reese & Jim Allen Portland / Gresham

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