Date: 10/28/19 3:15 pm
From: ed mcv <ed.mcvicker...>
Subject: [obol] Alternative to OBOL digest mode
I have a suggestion that works really well for receiving OBOL messages
without cluttering up my inbox. I mentioned this to another OBOLite who
suggested I share this set up.

I like to receive messages in real time as they are posted to the list but
don't want them cluttering up my inbox. Upon arrival to my Gmail inbox
they are immediately given a label (OBOL) and sorted/transferred to a
separate location (folder) away from my inbox. When I want to check OBOL,
I just click the folder and there are all the OBOL messages showing sender,
subject and time. I read the ones I want and ignore the rest. Other mail
browsers offer the similar tools for organizing messages, too.

Here's a link
for setting up Gmail labels.

Ed McVicker

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