Date: 10/28/19 11:12 am
From: Stuart Walker <stuarttwalker...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Pacific-slope FC Yes, Monday 10/28
Several people reported hearing the bird this morning a little after 8, and several were able to see it briefly around 8:30 in a tangle of bittersweet next to a noticeably curved old apple tree branch. I was not able to zero in on the eye-ring before it flew, but had good looks at its wing-bars and yellowish cast. It was fairly distant from where our group stood in a trampled-down area just off the beaten path along the low ridge.

There is parking for a few cars at the intersection of River Rd (Rte 47 N) and Huntington Rd. Cross 47 and follow the wide grassy access road toward the river, and then turn sharp left following a trampled path through tall vegetation, toward and then alongside a low ridge. Be prepared for poison ivy and some fallen trees. The bird has been hanging out in the tangles atop the ridge. As far as I know it had not been see again by the time we left around 10.

Stuart Walker
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