Date: 10/28/19 10:22 am
From: DJLauten and KACastelein <deweysage...>
Subject: [obol] Snowy Plovers
Hi folks,

Just wanted to make a friendly comment about Snowy Plovers on the Oregon
Coast.   I just got back from our fall annual meeting, and there was
some talk about some "birders" getting a little too over enthusiastic
about nesting Snowy Plovers on the north coast.    I have also heard
this through the birding grapevine.

So a reminder that Snowy Plovers are protected by the Endangered Species
Act.   Entering any plover nesting area or restricted area is a serious
violation.   Any behavior that may harass the plovers can be considered
a violation.    That includes approaching birds to photograph them or
being around any active nest.

All  plover nesting areas are currently monitored by either state or
federal agency biologists, or volunteers that have been trained who work
with the state and federal agencies.    If you are not part of the
program, please do not approach, harass, or enter any nesting area.   
Please give the birds space.    There are plenty of opportunities to
see, photograph, and enjoy Snowy Plovers. Please be part of the
solution, not part of the problem.

While I have stated that we are interested in color combos of the banded
plovers, please be aware that this does not mean anyone has a right to
harass or approach plovers or enter nesting areas.  The facts are that
most of the birds are well documented by trained individuals either from
the agencies or associated with the program.    While we appreciate the
extra sitings, they are not completely necessary as we tend to get the
information through our normal work and the people who do the work.   
So please do not automatically think that you have to get or know that
band combo on some plover - chances are we already have the data and no
data is worth harassing birds or entering nesting areas or overly
observing nesting birds.

If you are really interested in plovers, there are ways to potentially
contribute and that requires contacting the appropriate agency and
getting trained to be a volunteer. Please enjoy the recovery of plovers,
but remember they are a protected species and the best thing we can do
for them is give them as much space as possible to do what plovers do,
which is try to raise a family just like most of us humans want to do
(in peace!).

Thanks for your time and apologies for taking up space.


Dave Lauten

Oregon Biodiversity Information Center

Institute for Natural Resources

Portland State Univ

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