Date: 10/27/19 3:15 pm
From: Terry Davis <terkchip...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Bossier migrants/ winter arrivals 10/27/19
Hi all, not much to report but I did have my FOF Ruby-crowned Kinglet (and ridiculously late in terms of detection) calling from the neighbors large crap myrtle today a little after noon. Also noted 2 female-type Ruby-throated Hummingbird squabbling over the tall Tithonia and small red morning glory. Never saw them at the feeders today. Also to note- back in last week of September- 1st week October I also had a very large and notably gray-backed Archilochus but it was spooky, not awarding decent looks, often hanging, feeding and perching low in a turk’s cap, blue vervain and salvia thicket.
The White-throated Sparrow numbers seem terribly low this fall, with 2 birds only heard calling today.
There was a Northern Mockingbird giving a rambling song (typical of hym, unless this thought process has changed?), also back in late Sep-early- 2nd week of Oct that was mostly comprised of Baltimore Oriole song/ phrases. This struck me as comparatively odd The bird was super adept at it and given the broken, rambling nature of the song, it was quite uncanny!
For butterfly lovers- the Monarch were in good number late September-early Oct as well, with 15-20 individuals often being seen. There were 8 on the large/ tall Tithonia earlier this afternoon, which in my yard and parents next door, they seem to prefer over torch. The torch also do not seem to really be “torch”- as they grow to around 8’. Smaller butterflies and skippers have been low lately.



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