Date: 10/27/19 12:33 pm
From: <dpvroman...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Grants Pass Costa's Hummer is a hybrid
Was able to view the bird in question yesterday. However, I was not
able to hear the bird calling with my high frequency hearing loss. The
hummingbird's hosts, who can hear the bird, indicated that it's call was
different than Anna's. Yesterday, saw two hummers attempting to visit
the feeder and one closely chased the other away. Seen in back light
conditions and not able to ID either. There is likely Anna's in the
area as well. It can sometime be tough to figure out just what bird
doing the singing. Will agree that the gorget "ears" looked shorter
then other Costa's I have seen, why?

Dennis (north of Grants Pass)

On 2019-10-27 11:38, Caleb Centanni wrote:

> Hi all,
> Courtney and I watched the hummingbird with basically perfect Costa's plumage and callnotes in Grant's Pass this morning, to our dismay, sing a perfect Anna's Hummingbird song. Notes (and later tonight recordings) here:
> The bird does have slightly short gorget corners and perhaps a slightly long tail, but considering that we and several eBird reviewers called it pure Costa's based on plumage, this raises some serious questions about whether non-singing Costa's Hummingbirds in Oregon can be identified to species. Is there any chance it could be imitating the Anna's song? This seems unlikely, since hummingbirds are non-passerines.
> Good birding to all,
> Caleb Centanni
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