Date: 10/26/19 7:00 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Curry Birds 10/26/2019
Gotta say first that what I love about being a birder is we can leave the
partisan world behind. When my Dad was younger we had folks on "all sides"
at our house regularly, and we all got along. Anyhow, in our now super
polarized universe having a hobby like birding that brings folks from
different view points, professions, political parties, etc. together is
about as good as it gets! Bird on friends : )

For some strange reason I headed south from Coos Bay way before sunrise
thinking I would avoid the winds forecasted for today. It worked for the
first hour or so this AM but then birding became almost impossible with
20-30+ mph winds where I was. I did find a spot out of the wind around 1PM
at AZ Beach SP and put on the shorts and read a book I had for a couple
hours, it was hot out of the wind and you gotta get your Vitamin D when
you can this time of year!

Highlights as follows:

Crissey Field SP (near the OR/CA border at sunrise): one ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK,
circled over the mouth of the Winchuck there then headed inland.

Winchuck Wetlands (guess this is what the eBird spot calls it- it is
actually pastureland with a barn and good meadow habitat protected from
north winds- there is a sedge patch there but mostly pasturelands- it is
exactly one mile up the road from Hwy 101). This was the best birding of
the day and the only spot without lots of wind:

A ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK was out and about- undoubtedly the one I saw at Crissey
Field earlier that had headed up river.

Three (!count 'em) MERLINS together, sitting in different tree
tops right near each other- I have never seen anything like this, very
unusual!! They seem to be together- maybe a family unit, no aggression
between them at all- way cool.

I saw a very high raptor overhead headed south, thought vulture at first
but it turned out to be a juvie GOLDEN EAGLE, such a beautiful bird!! It
was heading towards CA way high but I had fantastic looks. A tough bird in

Also around the Barn was the usual overwintering SAY'S PHOEBE, a C.

Along Ocean View Drive in Harbor (just south of Brookings) it was VERY
windy but did see two of the overwintering SAY'S PHOEBES.

At Chetco Point in Brookings, saw one of two TURKEY VULTURES I observed
today, the other was at AZ Beach SP. Also heard but never did see an OC

Not much else to the north except howling wind. Did see 7 WESTERN BLUEBIRDS
about two miles up Pistol River. Did not bother to ocean scope anywhere.

Happy Birding!
Tim Rodenkirk
back in Coos Bay

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