Date: 10/26/19 12:53 pm
From: <t4c1x...>
Subject: [obol] NW 15th Street in Lincoln City

Thanks to Phil Pickering for pointing out this location as a good birding spot. I had looked at the pile of rocks on the beach there for years, and thought it looked promising, but never until Wednesday had I gone there. It really does have great potential, not only for shorebirds, but I would suspect for such things as wagtails and wheatears. However, there are two downsides to birding this location. One, of course, is the number of people on the beach and the rocks. I would recommend, that anyone wishing to check out the spot do so early in the day, in order to avoid this problem. Two, the parking. The street actually goes right down to the beach, and it is legal to drive down there. However the final yards of the street are very steep and there is a significant drop between the end of the pavement and the sand of the beach. I would not advise anyone to drive down there unless they have confidence in their vehicle and their own driving skills. It is better to go around the corner to the south, where there is room on the east side of the street to park several cars.


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