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Subject: RE: [MASSBIRD] Pacific-Slope Flycatcher update

Thank you so much for a detailed report. Taking so much time to give this information is truly appreciated.


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Subject: [MASSBIRD] Pacific-Slope Flycatcher update

Joe, Dana, and other interested MassBirders,

The Pacific-Slope Flycatcher was intermittently present but very uncooperative in Hadley this afternoon. So far as I can tell, after its original detection by Joe Oliverio on Wednesday, there have only been two really clear and satisfactory sightings, once around 8 AM or so:

And another a few hours later, shortly before noon:

Outside of those two dazzling reports, eBird is full of comments ranging from “I managed a few crappy shots ... The photos were distant and in terrible light and lightening them up seems to have washed most of the color out” (L. Therrien) through "Calling frequently and even sang once, but very difficult to see” (L. Waters & J. Eckerson), "Not confident enough to call on such a brief look” (J. Bourget & N. Tepper), “the look was so fleeting I don’t feel great about counting it…. Bird in view for less than a second” (J. Offerman), “Difficult to see this morning. Bird was calling quite a bit, but very elusive” (S. Surner), on up to "prob the worst lifer experience i could have” (J. Lawson).

It sounds like at least a few people heard about and looked for the flycatcher on Thursday, but either struck out completely, or heard it sporadically and did not see it at all.

Just to make things more fun, a Wood-Pewee (presumably a late Eastern?) was in the same vicinity as the PSFL, sowing the occasional moment of confusion. As if the swarms of Yellow-rumps and kinglets didn’t create enough...

I was only able to stop by for about half an hour, roughly 515-545 PM, and neither saw nor heard any species of flycatcher during that time. I was hoping that at least I could serve as the sacrificial birder and summon the bird for other people by departing, as I did on both of my failed attempts at the LeConte’s Sparrow in Deerfield earlier this month, but apparently it didn’t work this time.

But the bird was, at least, around, even if not very cooperative. Hopefully it will remain in town for a while…

Good birding,


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Amherst, MA

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