Date: 10/26/19 4:30 am
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Hummingbird - No, Other yard birds -- Cumberland County
We have not seen the hummingbird since Tues 10/22/19, he/she was here
from 5:30 to 6 PM in the rain. Again best guess was a young or female
ruby throated, but could have been a Selasphorus with no apparent
coloring other than green on back and white/buff on front, straight dark
bill, dark tail.

Hummer sightings have been every day through 10/13/19, 10/15/19,
10/18/19 through 10/22/19.

Still have plenty of salvia flowers (pineapple and others) and added a
feeder yesterday Fri 10/25/19, so there may be a chance one will show up
again. We'll look again today.

Saw on ebird that most of the ruby throated sightings in this area ended
in the first week of October and the closest rufous sighting is west of
here about mid State near the turnpike I76. So, I'm guessing that any
sighting after about Oct 5 would be unusual for a ruby throated.

The common grackle was back today, as well as the other usual yard
birds, song sparrows, white throated sparrows, downy woodpecker, blue
jays, Carolina wrens, red bellied woodpecker, chickadees, titmouse,
robins (heard not seen), house sparrows, cardinals (heard not seen),
etc. See an occasional goldfinch and house finch but they seem to have
gotten fewer in the last week or so. We had been hearing the young
goldfinches "squeaking" for several weeks, but that seems to have
stopped, so they may have moved on. We still have a few butterflies, the
last monarch seen was about a week ago. Not many zinnias left for them,
but they were also using the salvias and a few other flowers.

Cumberland County, PA
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