Date: 10/25/19 8:44 pm
From: <jmeredit...>
Subject: [obol] ECAS 4 days of birding Eugene, central coast, sorry LONG
Oregon birders are the best. Our 4 day ECAS trip would not have had as
much fun or success if we had not been helped by Vickie Buck, Sally
Hill, Chuck Philo, Darrel Faxon, Marty Bray, Jeannie Helzel and Phil
Pickering. Chuck scouted quite a bit for us as did others. For birders
of the high desert, many of the species in the valley and coast are
annual treats and we appreciated the help. We would reciprocate for

We enjoyed stake out birds as well as coastal regulars. All of our birds
were ebirded by Milt Vine and Bob Sizoo, so info is out there. We dipped
on the Barred Owl at OSU office in Eugene. BB Plovers at Perkins Penn
with Vickie were great. Learning "how to bird" an area is as good as
seeing good birds. Two of the birders had new scopes and got to have
Merlin and Black Phoebe as the first bird seen in a new scope. We got to
Newport in time on Tuesday to see the TROPICAl KINGBIRD that Chuck Philo
had found at Sally's Bend. Enjoyed watching it flycatching.The 3 or 4
EURASIAN WIGEON in the big flock of Americans and the displaying HOODIES
added to the end of the satisfaction.

Wednesday we did a seawatch at Boiler Bay aided by Darrel Faxon.
Seabirds were usual fall species mostly in winter plumage, but lifers
for many in our group, esp small alcids, and tiime to study and learn
them. The HIGHLIGHT for each of us was the show put on by a pod of FIVE
ORCAS dismantling a fur seal, tossing it in the air, launching
themselves out of the water, tearing it up, blood in the water, and the
spectacle of the gulls visiting, etc. They earned the name Killer
Whales. It went on for about 45 minutes. We didn't find anything
unusual at Salishan nature trail, but the NW 15th street access to the
beach, recommended by Phil, was very fun. We saw the first Surfbird of
the trip and watched a PEREGRINE tearing up some waterfowl for a meal,
while standing on the beach not far from us. Darrel helped us get to a
parking area or we would not have been able to do it. We finished the
day at HMSC trail, with great views of RHINO AUKLETS in the bay, loons,
the 5 MARLED GODWITS, and gull tutoring from Tom Penpraze.

Thursday we birded the south Jetty Newport, then Ona Beach with Marty
and Jeannie. They had done some scouting for us south of Newport. Seems
warblers are in short supply.WRENTIT was a favorite there. FLock of
small birds near the parking lot included a HUTTON's VIREO, another bird
we never see at home. Near the beach, COHO SALMON working their way
upstream to spawn were really cool and some of our group got video. On
to South Beach, 26 SNOWY PLOVERs were a treat. We do shorebird surveys
at Summer Lake for Snowy Ps but these are different in behavior etc.
Sanderling spectacle near them was fun. At 68th st in NEwport, we parked
roadside and walked down and enjoyed the 30+ BLACK SCOTERS with other
scoters, with excellent views. Thanks to Chuck P for the idea to walk
it. Last effort of the day was a failed exercise in finding Laplands. We
walked a lot of beach, dune, jetty and had no luck. But today, Friday,
a.m. at high tide, we had a WANDERING TATTLER seen from the south jetty,
eating something and then roosting on the north jetty. It took us an
hour to walk as far as we could to get closer and wait for the bird to
move. Good looks finally at the yellow legs, long and thin bill and it
even wagged! Seemed late to some but it was the real thing. Liferfor
many. One of our birders had 20 lifers on the trip.

Lastly, thanks to OBOL reports and the fine birders who are willing to
share and help each other. The 14 of us had a great time. Please get in
touch if you visit central Oregon and want advice or info of any kind.
Judy Meredith, <jmeredit...>
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