Date: 10/25/19 3:52 pm
From: Rob Santry <kingbird...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Grants Pass (Josephine County) Costa's Hummingbird

Hi Gruop,

I am replying to my own posting on OBOL as an update. Karen Sexton
points out that the bird is good for Costa's, except the tail length.
Costa's tail is very short, and with my bird it is just a little longer
than the wings. So, this bird might be a partial hybrid. I don't know
what the percentage of hybridization it is, and I don't know if that
would effect one from counting it as a lifer. So, "buyer beware"
(smiles). It is a beautiful bird, to be sure, and when it is in the yard
the wing trill and higher pitched "tsip" vocalizations set him apart.
Plus, he pumps that tail often.

 The bummer is, he hasn't been seen since this morning. I am wondering
if he is a one day wonder. My wife and I will be away from home till
later tomorrow afternoon, so if you still want to see him shoot me an
email with your phone number and I'll call you when we return. I can
also update you on his presence.

I have quite a bit of experience in seeing Costa's Hummingbirds. For
many years my wife and I would spend a few weeks in Anza-Borrego Desert
State Park and Joshua Tree National Monument in Southern California,
photographing butterflies. If you can, plan a trip there to see Costa's
Hummingbird, Scott's Oriole, Phainopepla, and all those thrashers and


Rob Santry

On 10/25/2019 1:39 PM, Rob Santry wrote:
> Hi Group,
> Yesterday, October 24^th my wife and I spotted an unusual hummingbird
> at our feeder. He was actively feeding and defending the garden area
> of our subdivision yard. He was still here this morning, but I haven’t
> seen him in a few hours. Maybe he has figured out that Grants Pass is
> not Borrego Springs or the Salton Sea so he has gotten in gear.
> I have posted a couple pics on my ebird sightings page here:
> Let me know if I am in error so I can correct the record…
> Regards,
> Rob Santry
> Grants Pass

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