Date: 10/25/19 9:28 am
From: Matt Cahill <matt.c.cahill...>
Subject: [obol] Calling Out Disrespectful Behavior
Hello all,

I've been roused into writing too, to make louder the chorus started by
Caleb and Phillip, and before that by Joel. I'm sure most readers do not
want to continue to hear more on these personal debates, but I think it's
important that there is a large and public reply to the hurtful message
Oscar posted to OBOL.

This is personal to me as I am often included on the checklists Courtney
creates, and I've come to enjoy the way she keeps odd and interesting
memories alive by including them in her comments.

To be clear:

1. Courtney never includes hurtful, defamatory, or insulting remarks in her
eBird comments.

2. She has received explicit written guidance from eBird that, while
unusual, her comments do not violate any rule or expectation from eBird.

3. There is nothing in those comments that violates OBOL rules.

There is, however, a problem with insulting a person directly and publicly
on this listserve. There are ways to have a reasonable debate on the nature
and value of sighting comments that preserves respect for all. There are
ways to have a reasonable and respectful debate on most topics. Oscar's
comments are not reasonable or respectful. He owes Courtney and Caleb an


Matt Cahill

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