Date: 10/24/19 8:49 am
From: Dave DeReamus <becard...>
Subject: Re: Snail Kite photos
Several of us were there most of yesterday trying to refind it with no luck.
We did find the exact branches where the perched photos were taken,
unfortunately as expected the bird wasn't on them. Should anyone refind the
bird, please post to PABIRDS about it. Congrats on what is probably a
once-in-a-lifetime find!

As a consolation prize, an American White Pelican was found on the North
Pier by Shannon Thompson and was last seen flying into the bay.

Good birding,
Dave DeReamus
Palmer Township, PA
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Here is a link to the eBird posting of the Snail Kite at Presque Isle by
Connor Vara.

Frank Haas

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