Date: 10/23/19 2:48 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: "Siberian" American Pipit records
Colby, et al. -

I would first like to congratulate Colby Neuman on hiscontinued birding success in Multnomah County, Oregon, and his potentialfinding of a “Siberian” American Pipit. Like Colby, and many others, I too have combed through 1,000’s of American Pipits over the years insearch of something a little different, and I have seen a few individuals withpale legs, others with darker streaks on lighter underparts, some with brighteredged tertials, or heavily streaked backs, but never individual birds with allof the field marks of Japonicus, like Colby’s bird.  I have also poured over many on-line photos, andhave perused a multitude of field guides regarding Pipits.  So, with that said, I honestly can admit that I have absolutelyzero first-hand experience with this “Siberian”subspecies.  However, I do dislike being that person who comesout of the wood-work with some unfounded, contradictory information, but I thinkI may have another preceding potential Japonicus American Pipit record, withphotos in my eBird editing queue.  Yes …on September 20th, 2018, my friend, birding cohort, excellent observer, and photographer, Russ Morgan,of La Grande, Oregon submitted a report of this subspecies from Thief Valley Reservoir,Union County, Oregon. Now, I will briefly admit that I am normally hyper diligenton communicating with other eBirders on their flagged submissions, adjusting filters, and asking for help when I reach an impassewith tough photos or identification issues beyond my scope of expertise. Unfortunately, this record apparently slipped through the cracks in my mind. I guesswith Colby’s recent sighting, it just seems more pertinent now than ever, to ask for some assistance, and getthis record looked at by others with more wisdom in this arena.  Russ Morgan's potential Japonicus eBird submission link with photos can be viewed here:

- Trent
Trent BrayLa Grande, Oregon

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