Date: 10/23/19 9:15 am
From: Joette <pep4223...>
Subject: Cooper’s Hawk in pond, Jefferson County yard
My pond fish are going through their seasonal slowdown, approaching torpor, which is how they survive the winter. Their lack of movement attracted a Cooper’s Hawk to the pond. A most ingenious maneuver for the hawk was to stand on a large “floating” rock and try to catch lethargic fish.

The “floating” rock sits on cinder blocks in the middle of the pond and gives the appearance of it floating. Fish can swim through the cinder blocks and also hide underneath the rock.

It’s a bit comical to see a Cooper’s Hawk standing on a big rock in the middle of a pond. The bird left its guano mark on the rock, then gave up and flew away without dinner. Nice try anyway!

Waiting for the return of the heron to do seasonal population thinning,

Jefferson County, WV

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