Date: 10/22/19 3:24 pm
From: Blog Yurassoff <>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Raccoon Ridge
I finally went to Raccoon Ridge on October 21. I was at Chimney Rock Hawk
Watch on October 19. Photos can be viewed at
The last four are from Chimney Rock. The man with the binoculars in the
blue jacket is Floyd, an official counter. He had great music paling the
whole time. The quarry is what you see from the platform and it operates 5
1/2 days a week. At times they dynamite and dust is an issue for optics,
cars and people who want to breathe. Weekends are probably safe. The
platform is a short walk from the parking area.
The pictures from the ridge show the road where people park where the
Appalachian Trail crosses it. Walk over the bridge and it's about 2 and a
half miles to the ridge. The trail is very rocky and there is considerable
climbing. For someone who hates heights there was no problem. Leave lots of
time for walking back, you don't want to walk it in the dark. I used a cane
for a walking stick and I will have it with me when I go back. The first
pictures that show reservoirs are still about 30 minutes from the ridge.
The pictures that show reservoirs from the ridge are the view looking
south. To the north is the Delaware River and a couple shots look northeast
that also show the river. Looking east is the view of ridges there are
tress to the west. There are a number of shots of the trail taken as I
walked back to my car. The trail may not be obvious in them, but you see a
lot of rocks. The white blazes you see on trees are the AT. No official
counter was there just me and Joe who I met while walking and his German
Shepherd, Sophie. A gorgeous day with some nice views of Bald Eagles, Black
and Turkey Vulture, Northern Harrier and Red Tail. Also more distant
Sharp-shinned and Red Shouldered. Both places are worth checking out.

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