Date: 10/22/19 1:28 pm
From: <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Oregon Birds and Slender-billed Nuthatches
Hi -

I just received my Oregon Birds. I guess it takes a couple more days for it ti cross the country. Anyway it looks great. An issue to be proud of.

I am writing because I just read the Slender-billed Nuthatch article, and I have a quick comment. The authors describe the strong association between these nuthatches and Oregon Oak. This certainly is where theswe birds are most often seen, but I have found them too often to be incidental in one other northwestern habitat: Riverbottom stands of Oregon Ash. These habitats are less common than oak savannas, and perhaps more reduced as well, but where they have been allowed to grow old, they harbor impressive numbers of natural cavities, and large populations of cavity-nesting birds. I will mention 2 places where I have encountered Slender-billed Nuthatches regularly in these stands.

First is along the auto tour route in Ridgefield NWR. In particular, the ash stands along the Kiwa (sp?) Trail, and the stands along the tour route just beyond the trail. Do others' observations square with this?

Second is along Muddy Creek south of Corvallis, including in Finley NWR.

IMO these ash bottomland stands are worth preserving/restoring for many reasons, but for nuthatches as well.


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