Date: 10/21/19 3:27 pm
From: <adamus7...>
Subject: [obol] response to those "nobody's gone birding here" maps
Google tells me over 100 people so far have viewed the county coverage maps whose links I posted recently on OBOL and MidValley Birding. If those maps encourage even a fraction of those folks and others to submit eBird lists from places other than their usual haunts, my effort, done in the interest of furthering Oregon ornithology just a little bit, will have been worth it. And you don't need to save my email posts with the links to those maps anymore because thanks to Diana Byrne, the Oregon Birding Association website will now host them for all counties. See: Also on the OBA website, under Community & Events, there will be descriptions of important bird-centered volunteer projects other than the CBC, such as the BBS and others featured in the latest issue of Oregon Birds. If you're not an OBA member subscribing to Oregon Birds, you should be 😊

On a related note, I've also generated a limited bunch of county maps showing areas that haven't been birded during just the month of October (links below). In the future I won't be creating these for Every month, but am willing to entertain email requests for a particular month and county.

Paul Adamus


To see places that were eBirded in OCTOBER (through 2018, not a complete list of all Oregon counties):

Benton: <> &usp=sharing

Clackamas: <> &usp=sharing

Clatsop: <> &usp=sharing

Columbia: <> &usp=sharing

Coos: <> &usp=sharing

Crook: <> &usp=sharing

Curry: <> &usp=sharing

Deschutes: <> &usp=sharing

Douglas: <> &usp=sharing

Jackson: <> &usp=sharing

Jefferson: <> &usp=sharing

Josephine: <> &usp=sharing

Klamath: <> &usp=sharing

Lane: <> &usp=sharing

Lincoln: <> &usp=sharing

Linn: <> &usp=sharing

Multnomah: <> &usp=sharing

Polk: <> &usp=sharing

Tillamook: <> &usp=sharing

Washington: <> &usp=sharing

Yamhill: <> &usp=sharing

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