Date: 10/21/19 12:18 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Two Michigan lady birders perspective on 2019 Cape May Fall Birding Festival
I was at the top of Brig Gull Pond Tower on Sunday morning when two Michigan birders came up. They were at the NJ Audubon/CMBO Cape May birding fest and on their way to the airport. I could not resist and ask them for their perspective on the 2019 Cape May Fall Birding Festival. Of course they raved about it. I think one lady is an educator first besides a fantastic birder.

She mentioned how impressed she was about all the projects that NJ Audubon is involved that were discussed during the NJ Audubon Annual Meeting. She also mentioned despite the malfunctioning power point presentation (?) Dr. Amanda Rodewald *did not miss a beat* and how fantastic her presentation was.

She also mentioned about Mark Garland’s presentation as well.

Although I stink at bird id but I do know how to id homo sapiens. During both of my Fri-Sat visit to Cape Island, I was curious and my pet project for the weekend was to find a birder or birders that look like yours truly that were part of the fest participants. Zero as far as I could tell.

Then again, I could have been wrong since I was birding in the shadow. Someday, my hope is birding is truly free and accessible to everyone, like the free Medicare we hear about it on TV.
TV does not mean Turkey Vulture.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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