Date: 10/20/19 11:15 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Hummingbird and other yard birds -- Cumberland County
A hummingbird was here all day Saturday 10/19/19 and for at least
morning to midday on Sunday 10/20/19. Both birds appeared to look like
young or female ruby throated hummingbirds. They appeared green (or a
yellowish green) on the back, whitish on the front, black tail (did not
notice any hit of orange at base when fanned), with white on tips of
tail feathers.

Saturday the bird was using all the flower gardens. Sunday, only saw it
use the pineapple salvia. Both days it spent some time sitting at the
top of the pear tree or in the hedge. Also, caught some insects.

Clear and cool on Saturday, not very windy. Cloudy, a bit rainy but
slightly warmer on Sunday and calm.

Other birds for those two days:

Red bellied woodpecker, downy woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, white
breasted nuthatch, chickadees, titmice, song sparrows, white throated
sparrows, house sparrows, common grackle, mourning doves, red tailed
hawk (Sat circling and calling), turkey vultures (Sat passing overhead),
robins, blue jays, Carolina wrens, cardinals and a few more unidentified.

Haven't seen many grackles or cowbirds this year. When that one lone
common grackle appeared under the feeder on Sat it really stood out. We
do get groups of starlings off and on and there are crows overhead at
some point in the day. Did not see the Cooper's hawk this weekend but
think he/she might have gotten a mourning dove Sat morning.

eastern Cumberland County
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