Date: 10/20/19 7:21 pm
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Unusual birds/NH Coast
Thanks to Strickland Wheelock forĀ  the following report.

Barbara Volkle
Northborough, MA


Sunday 10/20/19 I headed north to bird the NH coastline and came across
several unusual species in my scouting for a much later trip to the same
area on 12/14.

Started at the Great Bay Discovery Center [many Bluebirds, a Swamp
Sparrow, etc], then headed to Odiorne Point SP around 9 am where we
encountered a nice variety of passerine species like Palm Warblers,
Towhee, Yellow-rumps, etc along the coastal trail north of the Seacoast
Science Center - then in the thickets, we heard the scolding call of a
Chat but never could call out the bird.
Here is the shocker - while trying to call in the Chat, I heard the
clear call "No Hope" twice, shortly later it called again "No Hope" -
the call of the Inca Dove - a very distinctive call from the SouthWest
states.. We searched for this bird with no luck - hope someone can
locate this rarity.

While scanning the ocean for sea ducks - mostly eiders, scoters, 1
Bufflehead - had a male King Eider swimming relatively close to shore
with a group of W-W Scoters - great looks at all it's features
Then off at a distance an alcid flew south low over the water [possible
Puffin from profile?]
Other species seen were Gannets, a Bald Eagle, Red-b & Common Loons, all
3 scoter species, etc

At Eel Pond, another highlight was an adult Lesser Blk-backed Gull mixed
in with the other gulls - great comparisons in back color, size as it
sat between Gt Blk-backed & Herring Gulls.
Also in the pond were 2 Hooded Mergansers and 6 Ringed-necked Ducks

So very frustrating not seeing the Inca Dove or Chat but had several
other nice species on this lovely weather day - guessing the 12/14th
weather might be a little more challenging but looking forward to the
winter mix of ducks, alcids, raptors & passerines that are found along
the NH Coastline..........

Strickland Wheelock

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