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Hi -

One complication: Hermit Thrush was one of the several species noted in the "DNA Barcode" study 12+ years ago where two samples from different regions differed as much as was typical of related separate species. To my knowledge the needed follow-up has not been done, but it would not surprise me if "Hermit" Thrushes from different parts of their range have some different calls. In any case, the differences in size and plumage among the various forms appear greater to me than intraspecific variation in other Catharus thrushes.

IMO comparisons to Xeno-canto recordings of "Hermit" Thrush calls need to be interpreted in the context of which Hermit Thrushes might be involved.


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I checked Hermit Thrush and found quite similar calls on Xeno-canto:

XC21120, Recorded by Paul Marvin, 11/10/2014, page 3


XC65824, Recorded by Ian Cruishank,
11/08/2010, PG 4

Kevin Spencer
Klamath Falls, OR

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OBOL & Lane Birders,

I recorded a Catharus thrush this morning on my morning walk on the
ridgeline trail in SE Eugene. I've heard the bird calling in the same
location four mornings in the last week. In addition to the call I recorded,
I've also heard a very high-pitched thin note from a thrush in the same
location. After listening to calls of Catharus thrush on Cornell's website,
it sounds most like a Gray-cheeked Thrush, but I'm wondering what other
people think. The recorded call sounds most like the second recording on
Cornell's website, and the high-pitched thin note sounded most like the
fourth recording. The recording was made at 7:20am, and I saw the thrush
hopping up the trail in front of me, but could not see any details because
it was too dark.

Tom Mickel

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