Date: 10/19/19 3:03 pm
From: Joe Battenfeld <jbattenfeld...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] TROPICAL KINGBIRD Belmont Victory Gardens

I was birding the Belmont Victory Gardens at Rock Meadow conservation area in Belmont late Saturday afternoon when I observed large Kingbird with bright yellow belly and chest extending to the neck, thick, long dark bill, deeply notched tail with no white on outer part. In northwest back corner of gardens near where the gardens meet the woods. I know this is extremely rare but I don’t know what else it could be. I watched it for almost an hour. I ruled out Western Kingbird because there was yellow all the way to white neck and no white outer tail feathers. I was shocked to see this bird while looking for Sparrows around 5 pm today (Saturday). It was still there when I left at 530 so hopefully it will be there tomorrow morning. I got great looks at this beautiful bird from about 20 feet away through binoculars but no camera. The Kingbird was fly-catching in the northwest back corner of the gardens, sometimes landing on fencing or on medium sized tree along the stone wall. I also observed it flying in the fields where they keep the sheep and landing on the fencing, also in trees at the back of the gardens. It stayed in that general area the whole time. 
I hope someone else can find it tomorrow to confirm but I’m pretty sure of the ID. 
Joe Battenfeld Roslindale <jbattenfeld...>

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