Date: 10/18/19 9:57 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Ruby Throated Hummingbird - Yes and Yard Birds -- Cumberland County
In spite of the wind or maybe because of it, we had one ruby throated
hummingbird here for several hours this morning Friday 10/18/19. He/she
made great use of all the salvias and sat in the hedge a bit. This bird
kept on the move, no long sits. We did not see him later in the
afternoon, so he may have moved on. The weather was clear but cool and a
bit windy.

Also attempted to check ebird for hummer sightings. It wasn't readily
apparent to me how many/where the birds have been seen in PA for a
specific time period e.g. throughout October/September. The map showing
ruby throated sightings seemed the best but there were also sightings
from years back. I'll have to work more with this, maybe I missed a
time/date filter.

Nice to see that people are reporting them on ebird, as it takes time to
list them. It seemed to me that people were reporting more hummers on
the PABIRDS list a few years ago, but I guess ebird is a more permanent
record. I keep hoping to hear about any non ruby throated that might be
passing through. I know there are a few other hummingbird sites on the
web, if anyone has any recommendations on any other sites that
report/track hummers, it would be greatly appreciated.

A few of today's other birds:
Red bellied woodpecker, cardinal, titmouse, Carolina wren, song sparrow,
house sparrow, chickadee, white throated sparrow.

Hoping we don't get any frost tonight.

eastern Cumberland County, Pa
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