Date: 10/18/19 2:30 pm
From: Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Re: ebird reporting question
In a similar vein I saw a Black-throated Gray Warbler from the parking lot
of Riccardo's Restaurant in Lake Oswego yesterday. Fairly late date, worthy
of documentation. But I was too lazy to docu
ment the composition of the flock it was in (Mostly CBCH). Seemed like a
spurious effort to just report the rarity and ignore the community, Guess
it's not too late. There was a Downy Woodpecker in the flock with dusky
belly. Why not enter some SWAG numbers, and be thorough with the species?

On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 1:18 PM Thomas Love <tlove...> wrote:

> Hi folks: I think the main thing holding me back from posting on ebird
> more regularly is that my birding is almost always checking in on this or
> that spot or chasing this or that unusual bird reported by someone. I
> virtually never take or have the time (for better or worse) to
> systematically canvass an area. (I know that ebird asks if you are
> submitting a complete or partial list.)
> So, on Friday 4 October, I reported here on obol that I observed a
> HAMMOND'S FLYCATCHER in our neighborhood mixed species flock. Since I
> didn't take time to count the number of RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES or BROWN
> CREEPERS, etc., I would think that my report is of little value...except
> for the rather if not unusually late Hammond's.
> So, I'd file a woefully incomplete (essentially worthless) report just to
> get the Hammond's record into the database? It seems sideways somehow...
> Tom

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