Date: 10/18/19 8:05 am
From: Jerry McWilliams <0000001b5c226889-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Erie County waterbird count for October 18, 2019
Location: Sunset Point, Presque Isle State ParkDate:  October 18, 2019Time:  0725 to 0955Weather: Mostly cloudy, wind NW to 15 mph, temp. 48 F, waves to two feet.Comments:  Most waterbird movement was Lesser Scaup, Green-winged Teal, and Double-crested Cormorant, which were moving across the lake from Canada.  There was also a fair number of Surf Scoters on the move.  There were many ducks too far offshore to identify.  Highlight was watching a Peregrine Falcon knock a Surf Scoter out of the air.  The Surf Scoter hit the water and remained on the water while the Peregrine moved on without pursuing the scoter.  Most birds were moving west.  Jim Flynn, Justin Berkheimer, and Jennifer Ferrick assisted with the count.  Also several visitors including a family from Australia.
Waterbirds recorded:
Canada Goose  1American Wigeon  10American Black Duck  16Mallard  5Northern Pintail  4Green-winged Teal  112Lesser Scaup  197Surf Scoter  25Surf/Black scoter  2White-winged Scoter  1Red-breasted Merganser  22Red-throated Loon  2Common Loon  13Double-crested Cormorant  1000Common/Forster's Tern  3
Other birds moving along the lake:
Turkey Vulture  3Bald Eagle  1Peregrine Falcon  1

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