Date: 10/16/19 3:43 pm
From: mike sylvia <mikesylvia87...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] First really good fallout - Cuttyhunk Island, Oct 15, 2019 - Western Kingbird and more
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Cuttyhunk Island, Dukes, Massachusetts, US
Oct 15, 2019 6:40 AM - 2:10 PM
Protocol: Traveling
6.8 mile(s)
Comments: W winds at sunset to midnight then switching to NW 10-14 kts. Temp 45-55 F. Good fall out day. Dawn flight impressive with many birds moving in skies especially robins and later Blue Jays. Many new species and numbers arrived on island,
60 species (+2 other taxa)

Canada Goose 2
Mourning Dove 6
Semipalmated Plover 15
Sanderling 5
Great Blue Heron 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk 3
Cooper's Hawk 2
Belted Kingfisher 1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1
Red-bellied Woodpecker 1
Downy Woodpecker 2
Northern Flicker 15
Merlin 1
Eastern Phoebe 18
Western Kingbird 1 Bird seen well and photographed. I was able to relocate this bird later in day and spend 30 minutes with it photographing it.
Blue-headed Vireo 12 High count. All birds seen throughout day in very separate habitat. # at one location alone.
Red-eyed Vireo 5 High count. Bird seen throughout the day in different locations across island
Blue Jay 107 1 flock of 82 individuals migrating north off island. Other small groups
American Crow 3
Black-capped Chickadee 6
Tufted Titmouse 1
Tree Swallow 100
Barn Swallow 1 Bird photographed. Seen well. Positive ID
Golden-crowned Kinglet 7
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 3
House Wren 5
Winter Wren 1
Carolina Wren 4
European Starling 143
Gray Catbird 18
Northern Mockingbird 5
American Robin 350
Cedar Waxwing 26
House Sparrow 5
House Finch 45
American Goldfinch 3
Chipping Sparrow 33
Field Sparrow 3
Dark-eyed Junco 9
White-crowned Sparrow 2
White-throated Sparrow 21
Song Sparrow 56
Lincoln's Sparrow 3
Swamp Sparrow 8
Eastern Towhee 47 Counting species in high numbers. High count. Spread all over island in suitable habitata
Red-winged Blackbird 2
Black-and-white Warbler 3 all birds seen well. Classic BAWW plumage. Unmistakable. All photographed
Orange-crowned Warbler (Gray-headed) 1
Common Yellowthroat 5
American Redstart 2 Absolutely gorgeous bird
Cape May Warbler 1 Bird seen well and photographed
Magnolia Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler 6 Birds photographed. 3 males in one view on grape arbor. two females. One separate male.
Palm Warbler 4
Pine Warbler 28 large fallout. Birds seen feeding on grass in groups of 3-10 and individually in brush
Yellow-rumped Warbler 180
Black-throated Green Warbler 1
warbler sp. (Parulidae sp.) 70 Birds seen in flight high and beyond ID
Scarlet Tanager 1 Bird seen well and photographed
Northern Cardinal 3
Indigo Bunting 3
passerine sp. 50 Migrating high or elusive in brush

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Mike Sylvia

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