Date: 10/15/19 10:11 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Is anyone seeing Hummingbirds? -- Cumberland County, PA
We have been seeing at least one ruby throated hummingbird every day
through September and October, except yesterday Monday 10/14/19. Today
Tuesday 10/15/19 we again had a hummingbird coming to the pineapple
salvias and other salvias and then perching at the top of the pear tree
overlooking the flowers.

So, we may have missed him yesterday, but I'm guessing the numbers of
hummers in the area has dropped over this last week, since previously we
had no trouble finding at least one any time of day. They've all
appeared to be ruby throated to date.

Anyway mid October is the latest we normally see the hummers, except the
one year we had a Selasphorus hummer show up in early November that
stayed for about a month or so, until the pineapple salvias got hit by a
hard frost.

Is anyone else still seeing hummers in central PA or anywhere in PA or
when was the last time you saw one this year?

We still had one yellow bellied sapsucker on Monday 10/14/19, did not
see him today. Still seeing a few warblers but have not had much luck
identifying them, except for one late yellow warbler a little while ago.
Today there were a number of hawks flying over head and through the
yard, so the birds have been scattering at times. A Cooper's flew low
around the trees and at least one red tailed was soaring over head
calling, also looked like at least one vulture going over. The Cooper's
has landed a few feet away already when he/she tried to get a bird on
the ground and missed. He doesn't seem too concerned about us. The birds
disappear into the hedges/bushes and into the salvia gardens along with
the rabbit.

eastern Cumberland County, PA
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