Date: 10/15/19 8:46 am
From: James P Smith <keenbirder...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Deerfield - Le Conte's Sparrow
Greeting birders,

I noticed that this report has not appeared on Massbird to date though it
has appeared elsewhere on other media, but on October 13th, Charles Caron
found a Le Conte's Sparrow near Historic Deerfield, about one mile south of
town. The bird has been showing pretty well from the roadside along Mill
Village Road, just a few meters south of the intersection with Wells Cross
Road and appears to favor the sumac thickets on the riverside of Mill
Village Road. Most successes on the 14th and 15th have come from the
morning hours before 10 am, and the bird can be seen from the road without
having to enter the fields. A few pics can be seen at this link;

In addition, the fields north (the North Meadows) of Historic Deerfield
have also been productive with 1 - 4 Dickcissels irregularly between the
4th and the 13th, and a Blue Grosbeak on the 9th which was found by Aaron
Hulsey and Joe Oliverio;

Good birding,

James P. Smith
Northfield, MA

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