Date: 10/15/19 6:48 am
From: joel metz <magpiesf...>
Subject: [obol] Mountain Chickadee, NE PDX
digest lurker, first time poster - this little guy is probably the
best/most unlikely sighting ive had in my little yard in the 13 years ive
lived here - showed up saturday morning at the same time as a RBNU, has
been showing up mornings and evenings since. not a great photo, but enough
to share positive id, and the best photo ive managed yet - its been
sticking to the bushes and being a lot jumpier than the usual BCCH or
occasional CBCH i get. not the biggest rarity ever - but enough to get
excited about considering the relative non-birdiness of my neighborhood (im
basically right at ne mlk/killingsworth), so i figured id share!


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