Date: 10/14/19 5:34 pm
From: Jeff Gilligan <jeffgilligan10...>
Subject: [obol] Re: A note on fall Kingbirds
Hi Roy

Just a minor correction, John Crowell was a Reagan appointee.

When he was compiler for Audubon Field Notes (later called American Birds), John was trusting of what people reported if the report included reasonable details.

When he started birding rarities often had to be collected, though I don’t believe he ever did so.

Incidentally, last year when Johund Northern Hawk Owl on Sauvie’s Island, some were asking who he mis and whether he was an experienced birder. Darrel Faxon and I are amused by that.

Jeff Gilligan

> On Oct 14, 2019, at 4:17 PM, Roy Gerig <roygerig...> wrote:
> I went to Nehalem after Harry Nehls reported Tropical Kingbird from there a long time ago, in the late 1970s. I watched the bird I think it was in front of a dairy. Clearly a TROPICAL KINGBIRD I watched it with John B. Crowell, a conservative Republican (Nixon's Interior Secretary) who did not believe in things like this, We went through every field mark and everything else before he could be convinced to call it one of the first Oregon records of TRKI. It was clear to me from first look it was Tropical and not Western Kingbird,
> Before that, according to Crowell and I remember it too, TRKI was not even a possibility, so any fall Kingbird was "assumed" as Western Kingbird and reported as such. That might be the provenance of those early records of October WEKI in Western Oregon At the time I reference, Palm Warbler was also a real rarity, thought of in the same way as not likely so some might have been palmed off as yellow rumps in those days
> I saw the October Cassin's Kingbird in Canby from almost as long ago, along with Owen S and Jeff G and other birders. It seemed distinctly Cassin's not Tropical or Western K at the time
> Roy Gerig Salem OR

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