Date: 10/14/19 10:05 am
From: L Larson <0000057b603ab9b2-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Cassin's Kingbird, Cape May, 10/13
An apparent Cassin's Kingbird was photographed at the Cape May Hawkwatch yesterday morning, Oct. 13. If accepted by NJBRC this will be the first state record. Photographs are posted on ebird:

Per Tom Johnson on GroupMe text list: "Restricted white throat contrasts with dark gray head and lower throat. Tail relatively plain without the striking fully bright white outer vane on the outermost tail feathers."

Further searching is encouraged, but no further reports today.

Also please note the Avalon Sea Watch has moved to 7th Ave due to beach replenishment work at the usual site; this may last for several days.

Laurie Larson

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