Date: 10/9/19 2:10 pm
From: David Grandgeorge <0000021ae86b311e-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Whooping Crane at Holla Bend
I saw the Whooping Crane at Holla Bend NWR at 12:30 pm this afternoon, Oct 9. It was 1.9 miles past the Visitor Center on Holla Bend Road. It was less than 30 yards from the road at a patch of Coffee Bean weeds in a wet spot at the beginning of the field with the hay bales. I saw it backtracking on the way out. It was so close it startled me. I stopped the car and startled it. It flew toward the tree line separating the hay bale field from the corn field. I looked around the corn field and walked a short distance down the cleared area between the fields but did not see the Crane again.
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