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Subject: RE: [nflbirds] male scarlet tanager
Interesting post, Harry.

Winter male Scarlet Tanagers are yellow-green with black wings and tail. In
fall, most have already made the transition, but a few (like yours) haven't
quite finished. Nature is organized in gradients and nowhere is this more
evident than in molts. Field guides seldom show these gradients, I guess to
save space/money???

Molt migration is a fairly common phenomenon. For instance, Golden Plovers
stop halfway to Alaska to complete molt every May, just as many
Black-bellied Plovers show up here in fall still in breeding plumage, just
the opposite of the Dunlins who molt before heading this way in fall (making
them quite tardy compared to other wintering shorebirds). [Let's see you
beat that run on sentence.]

Pray for the Noles. ;)

Jim in Galveston


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Afternoon NFLBirders

We have been entertaining one to two female summer tanagers and one male
summer tanager feeding on the grapes during the summer. The two females are
still present. Additionally, on Sept. 22nd, an adult male scarlet tanager
in non-breeding plumage and one adult and one first fall female scarlet
tanagers in non-breeding plumage were at the birdbath.

Today, a male scarlet tanager in molting (?) plumage was feeding at the suet
basket. What caught our interest was that this bird was greenish with black
wings with the exception of small red "splotches" on its breast, belly, and
flanks. Additionally, a small set of red splotches were on the shoulder
part of the black wing. The bird appeared as if it got into a fight with a
brush. coated with red paint. Have not seen this molting plumage before.

What is interesting is that with the exception of the Golden Guide and the
Peterson Field Guide, this splotching plumage is not shown in other field

Obtained several photos. If interested, I will e-mail the photo(s) to those
who are interested,

Harry Hooper

Tallahassee, Florida

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